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~ Wednesday, January 28, 2004
It's true. The gays are trying to recruit us straights to their team. And The L Word is their Abrahms tank. From Showtime's soft core confection, I am learning what straight men have known for a long time: lesbians are sexy. I am particularly taken with Erin Daniels, who plays closeted tennis player Dana. Tan with a perfect nose, Dana is a mouth breathing jock who is athletically butch, but not John Goodman butch. Just my type, apparently. (Hopefully Daniels will disrobe soon and give me some pictures less terrifying than these - she does have great tits, though).

Other things I've learned from the L Word:

*Lesbians like tank tops
*Lesbians are thin
*Lesbians are slutty
*Lesbians do not get manicures
*Lesbians like tiny figs, perhaps because they look like vaginas
*Lesbians never talk about vibrators

~ Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Last night I dreamt that I was co-producing a Broadway musical version of the movie "Crossing Delancy." The director and I had to buy 80 pickles, so we went to the supermarket and bought all their pickles. I ate a pickle. Then the director and I argued over who we would cast as the lead. I wanted Luke Perry. He wanted John Travolta. Click here for some 90210-inspired tunes.
Have you noticed that smokers seem to think it's okay to litter? People who wouldn't throw a crumpled piece of paper onto the sidewalk don't think twice about tossing a burning fag down at your feet. And cigarettes are far more toxic to the environment than anything else.

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